Social Responsibility

Lyreco is a people centered business. We continue to build strong relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers and communities in which we work.

Our People
Enabling us to deliver outstanding service because we aim to be the employer of choice in our marketplace
Our Community - contributing positively locally & globally
Code of Ethics and annual Employee Satisfaction Survey
Our mechanisms for setting standards and gauging organisational success on an annual basis


The Right People


Attracting the right people

We are committed to promoting the Lyreco brand and career openings in a positive and transparent way so that applicants can make a conscious decision about how Lyreco's values, ethics and opportunities match with their own beliefs and ambitions.

Recruitment and selection procedures incorporate equal opportunity and diversity standards and we are proud of the number of internal promotions both within the local organisation and across Lyreco Internationally.

Continuing this theme it’s important that all employees have a clear knowledge of their role in the organisation. That’s why every employee in Lyreco has a Job Description issued at the start of their employment with the company.

This Job Description contains:
  • Job title
  • Department
  • Location
  • Purpose of position
  • Responsibilities
  • Relations and co-operation
  • Qualifications

The document is signed by both employer and employee to secure full agreement on the content of the Job Description.

Equality & Diversity


Lyreco believes in the value of diversity to enrich our work environment and experiences.

Employment decisions, promotions or training programmes are based on qualifications, ability, work experience and work quality. Under no circumstances such decisions are made on gender, age, disability, race, colour of the skin, sexual orientation, religious belief, culture or nation of origin.

This is part of the Lyreco Code of Ethics.

Lyreco also work with its business and social partners to develop fair employment practices.

Internal Promotion


At Lyreco, development and retention of our best people is considered essential for the long-term strength of the business. With this in mind, we aim to promote internally where there is a qualified internal candidate.

The benefits of strategy compared to an external candidate are many:

  • extensive knowledge of the company culture and processes
  • shorter time to be fully integrated in the new position
  • Internal relations from previous role can be utilized quickly
All vacant positions are posted internally via the Intranet Jobs pages and notice boards for those who do not have internet access due to the nature of their role.

Furthermore Lyreco has a process of annual Succession Planning to identify employees who are potentials for promotion and have the capability of stepping up into roles in different departments. The exercise usually follows the appraisal process, where training needs of individuals are reviewed to ensure their development is maximised in order for them to be ready when a vacancy does arise.

As a result of this process, many senior managers within Lyreco have risen through the ranks within sales, Marketing, Finance, Quality and Environment and Customer Service.

Internal Mobility


It’s very important to have the right people in the right positions. This is not always possible with in the same department, business function or country. A company needs to secure a high mobility in the work force in order to have the best people available.

Lyreco is eager to promote internal mobility between subsidiaries aswell as within, and uses succession planning to identify individuals who may be suitable. All vacant positions within the company are posted internally to make sure there is maximum exposure to interested parties. Relevant international positions are also posted globally.

Lyreco also has a clear mobility and relocation policy to assist with the often complex issues in moving country, by offering financial and expert support when relocating employees both locally and internationally.

Employee Opinion Survey


Every two years each member of staff has the opportunity to anonymously express their thoughts on Lyreco, particularly on issues relating to work environment, communication and management.

All results are analysed and handled by an external consultant to ensure anonymity and action plans are then put in place to make Lyreco an even better place to work.

In the UK and Ireland, the results are usually positive across the business. In areas where scores are weak, further investigation is carried out and action plans are set up at a department basis. We are now about to launch the 2014 survey.

University & Campus


Acknowledging the need to develop and retain individuals of high potential within our workplace, the Lyreco University was introduced several years ago...

The purpose of Lyreco University is to:
  • Identify individuals of high potential.
  • Help them to grow to prepare their future and the future of Lyreco.
  • Motivate them by granting them access to a dedicated programme.
  • Use the skills of the students to review and improve our business.

The Lyreco University has been launched locally in every subsidiary with more than 300 employees and we are currently running this programme in 11 countries.

Each country identifies their most talented individuals and puts them through a one year internal training programme where they will become familiar with all aspects of the Lyreco business. To further develop their skills and knowledge of the company the students will be given a business relevant project to work on and present to the company management at the end of the programme.

The Lyreco University programme for the UK and Ireland is in its third year. This programme is run by the HR Director and the Training Manager. other Senior Management team memebers are also involved in delivering a week long training course covering all areas of managing a business.

In late 2013, Phil McNeil, a graduate of Lyreco University in 2013, was promoted to the role of Regional Sales Director, and is one of several examples of progression and development to senior roles within the business.

Just as it is important for each local subsidiary to train and develop their best employees so is the case for the international company.
We need to secure that our biggest talent on a global scale are identified and further developed to prepare them to lead the company in the future.

The Lyreco Group has established an executive development programme called Lyreco Campus.
This programme takes the biggest talents graduating from the local Lyreco Universities and put them through a 2 week intensive course at an international business school covering the following topics:

  • Strategy and Business Models
  • Financials tools for Performance
  • Executive Business Game
  • Performance Management
  • Leadership and innovative management

To further develop their understanding of running an international business the students are also given a relevant business case to work.

The student will present their findings and proposed actions to the Group management team at the end of the year.



Having skilled and highly motivated employees is vital for any successful company.

We are committed to providing learning and development opportunities which maximise the potential of all employees. We invest to equip them with the tools, skills and knowledge to fulfill and exceed requirements in both current and future roles and encourage a "can do" attitude.

All induction training incorporates company values, health and safety, environment and quality.

Performance appraisals have a positive impact on the business results and are the starting point to identify training needs. There is a robust Training Needs Analysis process to create our training plan for the following year.

Every year we map all the training needs of our employees and transform this into a annual plan.

The training is performed by our internal trainers who are dedicated to provide tailor made courses to meet the needs. External trainings are also widely used to provide specialized training for specific needs.

Training supports our development plans, ensuring the availability of employees who are ready to progress within the organisation. It also increases retention of employees and enables them to progress their career withing the business either within their department or cross functionally.

Our Organisation


We recognise that social and economic trends will change the requirements of our workplace and we must therefore liaise with outside organisations to ensure our sustainability.

We are keen to continue promoting from within and have talent and development programmes in place. We benchmark ourselves against leading organisations to ensure that we continue to evolve.

Senior and middle managers of our business attend workshops and conferences regularly. Their aim is to bring back new concepts and technologies that will develop our workforce and organisation into the future.

We operate succession planning each year to identify upcoming talent and training gaps which forms part of the annual training plan.

Acting as Guardian


We are committed to meeting legal requirements and adopting best practice. We want our people and our customers to be confident that their best interests are at the centre of our decision making and that our practices are ethical.

Employment Law

A rolling plan is in place for a regular review of employment policies and procedures to ensure that they match changes in legislation. The senior management team have the interests of employees at heart and consult on major changes to employment policy.

Code of Ethics

We have formalised the ethical principles that we wanted to see applied by the Lyreco employees and suppliers. This was fully launched with a communication programme to all employees and suppliers at the time. Code of ethics is now included in employee induction.

It describes the standards expected from each Lyreco
employee and manager in the course of their business life with Lyreco:
  • in their relationships with customers and suppliers
  • in their relationships with their colleagues, and
  • in promoting the company‘s best interest
The Lyreco Supplier Code of Ethics provides a foundation for Lyreco and its suppliers to build and maintain relationships based on fairness, trust, respect for the rights of individuals, compliance with the law, and sustainable business practices.

Engaging People

We want our staff to excel at everything they do with passion and enthusiasm. We will support them because we believe that our employess are our number ones asset.

As new staff start to experience what its like to work in our culture we will provide orientation and guidance to give them the best start possible. We value the input of our people and are inspired by their great ideas for continual improvement. We encourage open communication channels and want everyone in our business to feel able to make a difference.

Our Mission is: "To simplify life at work"

Our Values are key to our whole approach.  We will only achieve our vision by application of the four values in every decision, every day:


We really csre for our customers.


We anticipate, innovate and adapt to change.


We strive for perfection in everything we do.


We believe in trust, respect and ethical behaviour.

We reward and recognise employees who live these values day in day out and celebrate staff achievement through our "living the values" monthly awards and "Very Lyreco People" annual awards.

Voice of Lyreco

Lyreco has an employee elected body, which meets 3 times per year with the Managing Director and HR Director. It is focussed on communication and consultation about business issues and continuous improvement.


Lyreco prides itself on great communication. Communication channels are optimised so that good news and achievement are common place. Examples of this are our intranet facility, monthly company magazine "Lyreco News", monthly"Eco-future bulletin" and Lyreco blog. Leaders of our business are tasked with communicating positive elements of our business through the most appropriate channels.


Health, Safety & Wellbeing


Health and Safety

We are steadfast in our commitment that our staff and contractors will be safe in our work environment. Our Health & Safety policy reflects this and is supported by the employee policy manual plus a range of training, documents and audits.

We have establised a Health & Safety Organisation with the sole purpose of focussing on maintaining a high level of safety.

In the UK and Ireland we have established a Committee for Health & Safety, supported by Sub-Committees to represent the needs of employees in different areas of the business. We have noticeboards dedicated to H&S, located on each our our sites in order to ensure that policies and best practice are well communicated; with minutes of meetings and accident statistics updated monthly.

Our aim is to ensure that all employees understand and take responsibility for safety in the workplace in order to minimise risk.


The management of Health & Safety is visible at the top of organisation with a monthly review of statistics and trends by senior management team.


We recognise that wellbeing is not only about policies and benefits relating to health, but encompasses the accountability for the creation of a work environment where staff feel supported, valued and developed with respect for the life they have outside work.

We aim to support our staff through the different stages in their work life and offer a variety of benefits such as membership of Private Health Care.

We have partnerships with occupational Health providers across the country to enable timely assessments of medical conditions in order to facilitate supported return to work wherever possible. We also offer an Employee Assistance Programme which is available 24/7.

Resource is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyle activities such as discounted gym membership, healthy eating options in on-site staff restaurant facilities, free medical assessments, a cycle to work scheme and the Lyreco Sports and Social Club have their own site with the Lyreco Intranet and have access to the email system and notice boards to promote events.

Lyreco For Education


Window to the world!

Lyreco for Education is a programme devised to help children all over the world to have a better future. The latest initiative in Togo, which is now in its 4th year, has this year provided training to 1,206 students across 4 secondary schools in IT equipment and the internet.




  •   4 secondary schools have been equipped with 10 computers each
  •   2 of the 4 schools which previously had no connection to electricity, have now been equipped with 6 solar panels
  •   32 teachers have been trained to teach basic IT skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and website navigation.
  •   Tutoring sessions have enabled students to transfer knowledge to their peers
  •   New information sources through the Internet allows teachers to prepare their lessons
  •   Access to the internet enables student to acquire knowledge and share information

Thanks to our customers, suppliers and employees for your continued contribution and support.


If a child goes to school, a Nation grows!
What is Lyreco for Education (LFE)?
Lyreco for Education is a programme led by Lyreco to help children all over the world to have a better future.

What results has LFE achieved so far?
Thanks to the worldwide participation of our customers, suppliers and employees through events, promotional opportunities and donations, LFE has enhanced the education of more than 15,000 children in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Brazil and Togo since 2008.

In 2011, LFE decided to lead a project for 4 years in Togo.

With its partner, the Non-Governmental Organisation AEA (Aide & Action) and its local team, LFE builds on long term actions and results for children in 165 villages in the poorest region in Togo "les Savanes", where 86 people out of 100 live on less than $1.25 per day and where the academic system is inefficient.

Our Commitment:
To improve access and quality of education for 32,000 children aged from 7 to 12 in Togo.

Our Objective:
To contribute to finance 165 Education Projects in 165 villages.

An Education Project is a specific action plan set up to reach one objective:
Academic achievement for all.

The action plans are defined according to the specific education issues a village has to face. To achieve this goal, the keys are to identify education barriers and mobilise the parents, communities, schools, teachers and students.

In order to give our employees, customers and partners a better understanding of a village's education project, Yeteme, a 6 year old boy who lives in Tampiena village, tells us month after month his story about his family, his school, his friends, his teacher and his activities.

Yeteme, his brothers and his twin sister who have never been to school before, finally attended a brand new school in their village with toilets, equipment and trained teachers thanks to the LFE and AEA programme.
End of 2013 update

- 18 new early childhood centres built & equipped with good sanitary conditions
- 26 new educators & teachers trained
- 1,000 mothers trained on hygiene & health conditions
- 6,000 parents will attend meeting to understand the importance of education
- 30 clubs of mothers to think about specific subjects, such as development of the villages, education, hygiene conditions and other relevant topics. all activities already set up will be enhanced in many villages
- 1,000 children in 4 secondary schools will have access to technology

Thanks to our customers, suppliers and employees over collection, LFE has extended its project to throughout 2014.

Charitable Activities


Charity support is important to our company and our employees.

Our aim is to support local national and group charities through fund raising activities that help to create fun and involvement for our employees. We also support individual endeavours to raise monies for charities of employees choice outside of working hours. In Ireland proceeds from toner cartridges for recycling are donated to charitable causes supporting children with disabilities.

On an annual basis Lyreco lend our Telford call centre to BBC Children in Need. It is staffed with volunteers from across the organisation from warehouse staff to sales people.

Newlife foundation is where disabled children have been the heart of the charity since 1991.

They are a local based charity in Cannock. They are a registered charity – Registered Charity Number 1001817.
Lyreco UK support this charity by sending bulk goods that have come in for a promotion or blitz days and cannot be resold to the customer. Newlife take away these items and break down to sell in their shops to raise money for vital medical research, nurse care & equipment services for many disabled children with short term, enduring disability or very limited life expectancy.
Some of the things that we have sent have been sample pens on cards – they take them, remove from the card, dispose of by recycling and then sell the pens in the shop.
This is a link to the charity and as you can see from the website they do some great work.
There are lots of ways that you can get involved so please check out the Get Involved tab on the website.

Lyreco have donated £5000 to a local initiative being run in the Telford borough in conjunction with The Telford Crisis Network.  The network  is an informal group of public, private, voluntary and community sector agencies who are working together to support people  in crisis across the Telford region.
The Network aims to assist individuals and families in acute financial crisis. The Network agencies already provide a range of established and respected services including emergency food, emergency shelter, temporary accommodation,  advice and support to resolve financial crisis.
Lyreco have been working with the Group for over 12 months supporting them in several areas such as

  • Donation of laptops for community centre’s and shelving for the central food storage facility.
  •  Lyreco often run internal campaigns collecting food donations for the food bank.
  •  Attending quarterly meetings to discuss the logistics and ongoing objectives for the project.

Manel Roura – QSS Manager for Lyreco commented “Lyreco are proud to be involved in this local community project and assist this proactive network of people to improve the lives of many individuals and families across the region”.

Supporting Others


In addition to the financial support to social projects, there are many other ways to give back to the community, and it’s not always about money.
We encourage our staff to get involved in initiatives dedicated to education, environment and senior citizens.

A recent UK example is shown below:


Newlife foundation is where disabled children have been the heart of the charity since 1991.

They are a local based charity in Cannock. They are a registered charity – Registered Charity Number 1001817.

Lyreco UK support this charity by sending bulk goods that have come in for a promotion or blitz days and cannot be resold to the customer. Newlife take away these items and break down to sell in their shops to raise money for vital medical research, nurse care & equipment services for many disabled children with short term, enduring disability or very limited life expectancy.

Some of the things that we have sent have been sample pens on cards – they take them, remove from the card, dispose of by recycling and then sell the pens in the shop.

This is a link to the charity and as you can see from the website they do some great work.


There are lots of ways that you can get involved so please check out the Get Involved tab on the website.

Lyreco recently continued its on-going Corporate Social responsibility drive by joining forces with the Young Enterprise organisation.

As part of giving something back to the local community, Lyreco’s Finance Director, Duane Fullwood has joined the Young Enterprise “Company programme” as a Business Advisor at the Idsall school Shifnal, in Lyreco’s home town of Telford.

Duane is Business Advisor to three Young Enterprise companies at Idsall School; “Threads” who design and sell printed t’shirts, “Just 4 U” who produce creative photos and frames and “Groovy Vinyls” who produce clocks out of 7” singles and handy storage bowls out of 12” vinyl records.  The Company programme runs from September to July each year and Duane visits the school at 3pm to 4pm each Tuesday afternoon to support the companies.

Duane says, “The Young Enterprise Company programme allows students (aged 15-19) to set up and run their own business.  They have to register their company and sell shares and it gives them a great understanding and fantastic insight of what’s involved in setting up a business.  It helps the students develop skills such as decision making and leadership and gives them experience of presentations and problem solving, they become risk takers and really have to use their own initiative.  It’s not all about making a profit and some of the best experiences that the students have had have been where they have had to learn from their mistakes.  It is a fabulous programme and it has been extremely rewarding seeing the students develop a really good understanding of business and commerce and have lots of fun along the way too”.

BESST Practice
- Business Environmental Support Services for Telford (

Lyreco is represented on the steering committee of BESST which provides best practice opportunities on environment and efficiency for small and medium enterprises in the area. We work with other companies in manufacturing, distribution and retail to showcase the benefits of reducing environmental impacts which in turn impacts the bottom line profitability. - LYRECO - Deer Park Court, Donnington Wood, Telford, Shropshire TF2 7NB
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