Frequently Asked Questions ?

How do we communicate our Sustainable Development actions?


Internally, a corporate communication is produced in the Lyreco World Magazine.

Monthly Sustainability meetings.
Lyreco Newsletter
Eco future bulletins
Sustainability toolbox talks given to sales force

Externally, our yearly Sustainable Development Report is available on the institutional website.

How do we follow our progress in terms of Sustainable Development?


In addition to our yearly environmental protection plan, our progress is measured and reviewed at monthly health & safety/sustainability meetings, which include representative from all areas of the business.

Group Eco future KPI's

Regularly reviewed at SMT meetings

Annually on our environmental management review

What do we do in terms of Sustainable Development Innovation aspects?


- Firstly, Sustainable Development is in the scope of the overall Innovation approach launched at the Group level.

- Secondly, one of the aims of the “Group Sustainable Development Coordination” is precisely to create / push innovative initiatives.

What is our activity on reduction of carbon footprint for deliveries?


- Eco-Driving principles are now part of the Group Best Practices.
- Energy consumption is one of the requirements taken into account to select a van model.
- Adaptation of our van fleet to decrease the energy consumption e.g. replace 3.5 tons vans by 7.5 tons vans to deliver the voluminous or high volumes of paper.

How can we help our customers to reduce their carbon footprint?


- Using our recycling scheme for cartridges, inkjets, confidential shredding and batteries
- Ordering from our Sustainable Products range
- Ordering and invoicing electronically
- Consolidating Orders

What are our key Sustainable Development Projects?


Environmental protection plan is an annual plan that provides continuous improvement for our sustainability

We are also on course to be 'zero' landfill by the end of 2013

Increased control of energy usgae through monitoring programme

Replacing existing lighting with LED lighting in head office

Lighting in the NDC was replaced with high efficiency T5 fittings with dual sensors

Our food waste is collected and taken to the local agricultural college - Harper Adams who use it in their Anaerobic digester for fertiliser and heating in the college

We switched to waterless urinals and sensor taps in all head office washrooms

How do we ensure our suppliers abide by Sustainable Development Initiatives?


Suppliers need to comply with our supplier code of ethics and also meet the criteria on SPIP (supplier performance improvement programme)

All suppliers that manufacture Lyreco branded products in risky countries will be included in our group social auditing programme

What do we do to reduce our environmental impacts?


Every year we review our significant environmental aspects as per the ISO14001 standard. Each significant aspect has a defined objective, target and program. This process is checked on a yearly basis by an external body. - LYRECO - Deer Park Court, Donnington Wood, Telford, Shropshire TF2 7NB
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