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Lyreco Group rewards SCA for its Sustainable Development Performance

 Lyreco, a workplace solutions provider, presented its Sustainable Development Award on Thursday 1st December. The award, which was created in 2015, recognises suppliers who have a global approach to sustainable development and who place social responsibility at the heart of their strategy. 

Since signing the UN Global Compact in 2002, Lyreco launched its Eco-Future strategy in 2012 - its global sustainable development strategy. The core message of this strategy is "Being the benchmark for responsible workplace solutions." Strong governance ensures that decision-making processes reflect a balance between the three pillars of Sustainable Development: Social, Environmental and Economic aspects are systematically analysed on the basis of their Risks and Opportunities for enhancing the Company's sustainability and the good example that it sets. 

Lyreco involves its suppliers in this process through its Sustainable Development Programme and focused assessments. "In partnership with our suppliers, we want to create shared values. "We are committed to collaborating with our suppliers who will help us to bulid a sustainable future," points out Herve Milcent, Lyreco Group CEO.

By setting up these Awards, Lyreco is rewarding the best sustainable development performance based on results, obtained in accordance with the ISO26000 standard in seven categories: Products, CSR Governance, Environment, Health and Safety, Social Responsibility, Supply Chain Management, and Business Ethics. The assessment is based on effective business between Lyreco and the supplier in relation to factories, Business Units and product categories. 

In the 2016 edition, over 85 suppliers were assessed and the SCA Group won the Sustainable Development Award: 

SCA is a leading global hygiene and forest products group. It develops and manufactures personal care and household tissue products as well as forest products in over 100 countries. This year, SCA received Lyreco's Sustainable Development Award notably thanks to its development of an "eco-responsible" product range. In fact, 88% of the Lyreco Group's sales with this supplier concern "green" products.

SCA has also implemented new CSR initatives demonstrated by its recent commitment to the Circular Economy 100 Programme (CE100), which campaigns for the development of a circular economy.

The two short-listed companies are: 

Nestle Waters, winners of last year's assessment, stand out thanks to their coherent global CSR strategy.

In this second edition, The Navigator Company has moved to third place thanks to its range of green products, which accounts for 75% of the Lyreco Group's sales but also due to CSR developments implemented since the last assessment. 

"The Lyreco Awards are both a recognition and an incentive for encouraging even greater commitment. By rewarding our best partners and setting out why they were nominated, we hope to encourage other suppliers to continue improving their sustainable development performance, and, at the same time, we are able to strengthen the Group's CSR policy in the outside world in this way." explains Nasser Kahil, Group Quality, Security & Sustainability Director at Lyreco.

Lyreco's environmental efforts scoops international award

 Lyreco has been crowned as one of the greenest businesses of its kind after picking up another accolade for its ongoing strategy to reduce its impact on the environment. 

The Green Apple Awards are co-ordinated by The Green Organisation, an international, independent, non-political and non-profit environment group. They are dedicated to recognising, rewarding and promoting environmental best practice around the world. As a result of the Green Apple Award success, Lyreco have been invited to have their winning paper published in The Green Book, which is the leading international work of reference on environmental best practice, so that others around the world can follow their example and learn from their achievement. 

In the past two months, Lyreco has picked up two other high profile honours for its commitment to becoming a more sustainable business and lowering its environmental footprint. 

It won the Environmental and Sustainability Award at the SHD Logistics Awards, which celebrate excellence in the logistics industry, and the Environmental Award at the British Office Supplies & Services (BOSS) Industry Awards for the fifth year in a row. 

Lyreco has implemented a series of initiatives across its network of 27 Regional Distribution Centres and satelite centres in the UK and Ireland. Its central National Distribution Centre and Head Office is in Telford, Shropshire. 

They have included installing a roof mounted solar photovoltaic system - the fourth largest in the UK - at its National Distribution Centre in Telford, achieving zero landfill at the National Distribution Centre and Head Office with a recycling rate of 97 per cent, and reducing its electricity consumption by 39 per cent in four years.

Lyreco has recently installed an apiary on site at the Telford headquarters to boost the country's ailing honeybee population and a social auditing programme for all Lyreco branded products manufactured in developing countries covering social, human rights and health, safety and environmental conditions. 

The firm is also committed to sustainable packaging by not repacking goods, using recyclable material and optimising parcels and offers recycling of batteries, toners and paper for its customers.

Two years ago it introduced TomTom Telematics and tracking systems to the 315 vans in its fleet, with the aim of increasing fuel effciency and promoting safer driver behaviour. In that time, it has achieved a 13 per cent saving in fuel in the UK and a 32 per cent reduction in Ireland through improved route optimisation. 

Peter Hradisky is Lyreco's Managing Director, overseeing the UK and Ireland operation and its 1,400 employees. 

He said: "These awards are external verification that our five-year strategy to reduce our environmental impact in every step of Lyreco's business is working. We continuously strive to be a more sustainable organisation by researching ways we can reduce our environmental impact and increase our contribution to local community and society while engaging employees, suppliers and customers on the journey." 

"Sustainability is embedded in all areas of our business and I am looking forward to seeing what we can achieve in the next five years." 

Lyreco scoops top honours in industry Oscars

 Workplace supplies specialist Lyreco was celebrating today after scooping a top national award for its green credentials - for the fifth year in a row! 

The UK team picked up the Environmental Award at the 2016 British Office Supplies & Services (BOSS) Industry Awards. 

The awards recognise and reward companies which demonstrate excellence and successful performance of their business. The company was delighted that its strong sustainability ethos saw it clinch yet another national honour for being an environmental leader in its field.

The company, which as one of the biggest providers of workplace supplies in the UK is simplifying life at work for thousands of businesses across the UK, has introduced a company wide five year plan to minimise its impact on the environment. 

Initatives have included installing a roof mounted solar photovoltaic system - the fourth largest in the UK - at its National Distribution Centre in Telford, achieving zero landfill and reducing its electricity consumption by 39 per cent in four years. 

It has also introduced an apiary on site to boost the country's ailing honeybee population and a social auditing programme for all Lyreco branded products manufactured in developing countries covering social, human rights and health, safety and environmental conditions. 

Manel Roura, Quality, Safety & Sustainability Manager at Lyreco commented, "Winning the BOSS Environmental Award five times in a row shows that sustainability is embedded in everything we do. Over the five years we have been able to demonstrate that Lyreco develops activity to reduce the environmental impact in every step of the business. It is wonderful that this is recognised externally."

Lyreco also picked up the Environment and Sustainability Award at the recent SHD Logistics awards 2016, which celebrate excellence in the logistics industry.

Lyreco UK wins the SHD Logistics Environmental / Sustainability Award 2016

On Thursday 15th September 2016, the team at Lyreco UK based in Telford, Shropshire, proudly accepted the SHD Logistics Award for Environmental / Sustainability, presented by comedian Mark Watson in front of 600 industry professionals. The event, which took place at Resorts World Birmingham, celebrated excellence in the logistics industry across eleven main categories. 

Lyreco UK's success was based on their continued commitment to the environment and the company's Eco Future Environmental Strategy. They have a strong ecological ethos and have successfully reduced their impact on the environment with traditional and innovative approaches to resource effciency and waste minimisation.

With the implementation of extensive management programmes and projects throughout the business, Lyreco has covered some key sustainable areas:

Waste Management:

With an amalgamation of various in-house projects including waste segregation, in 2014 Lyreco achieved zero landfill and continue to hit the same target annually.

Biodiveristy and conservation:
An Eco-garden on site at the Head Office in Telford to encourage employee engagement and support local biodiversity. More recently, Lyreco introduced two beehives, which will eventually produce their very own Lyreco Honey. 

Energy Effciency:
Possibly the highlight of Lyreco's overall vision has to be the installation of 13,860 solar PV panels mounted on the roof of the National Distribution Centre in Telford. The objective of this system is to provide the Head Office and surronding areas with a clean electricity supply for many years to come.

Peter MacLeod, editor of SHD Logistics, said: "The mood of the evening was celebratory and upbeat, and it was heartening to see the obvious delight and pride shown by the winners. I congratulate Lyreco UK - a very deserving winner."

Nick Dacey, Logistics Director for Lyreco UK, added: "Once again, the Team at Lyreco UK have exceeded all expectation and show a continued commitment in lowering Lyreco's environmental impact. I am immensely proud to be part of a team of likeminded individuals with an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience and are dedicated to lead the business into a more sustainable future."

Lyreco UK have the power

Commercial solar PV developer EvoEnergy has completed the fourth largest rooftop PV system installation in the UK on the roof of Lyreco's National Distribution Centre in Shropshire. Lyreco, the international workplace solutions provider, whose UK Head Office is located in Donnigton Wood, Telford is delighted to have been involved in such a ground breaking project, whilst maintaining their Company enviromental vision. 

The project is owned and operated through a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement by Addison Energy limited (a company funded by Guinness Asset Management's EIS service). EvoEnergy was awarded the contract for its innovative technical solution to Lyreco's challenge of offsetting the environmental impact of its 55,000 sqm distribution centre and the 275 delivery vehicles on-site. A crack team of 30 installers, electricians and project managers worked on-site during the installation process, working through one of the wettest December ever recorded in the UK.

The installation, which is made up of 13,860 Trina Solar 275W panels, was fitted on the roof of the company's 15-acre logistics site, (the equivalent of 7.5 football pitches), between October 2015 and January 2016. The projects objectives were to cut Lyreco's carbon footprint, which is projecting to decrease the annual carbon emissions by 1,700 tonnes whilst saving its annual energy bills. Since the PV system went live, enough electricity has been produced not only to power operations on-site but the excess power has been pumped back into the grid to support consumption in the local area. 

Nick Dacey, Logistics Director for Lyreco, said: "We have a large warehouse here in Telford with a large open space on the roof and it recently obvious that solar panel technology had reached a point where it would be economic for us to engage in that." 

James Sutton, Project Manager on site for EvoEnergy, said "The install went smoothly from start to finish thanks to the hard work of our technical team and their counterparts at Lyreco and Guinness. It takes a huge amount of careful planning and execution to make a job this large run without any hitches. It's been a team effort to get here; one that's required all of our electrical, mechanical and civil engineering expertise, but now the PV is helping a global firm like Lyreco cut its costs and reduce its environmental impact." Malcolm King, Investment Manager for Guinness Asset Management, said: "We're pleased to be investigating into one of the largest commercial rooftop solar installations in the UK that will be built by our long term EPC partner EvoEnergy and will enable industry leader Lyreco to realise their environmental ambitions."

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